Utility Box

Utility Box

Beautiful but functional, if you havent got a requirement to carry small humans but need a functional box then this is the option for you.


  • Cargo Bike Box
  • Mounting hardware
  • Factory lacquer giving a perfect weather proof finish.


NB - Cover tie downs supplies as part of cover addon

NB - The LarryVSHarry Honeycomb board is NOT required.


  • Dimensions

    713mm Long x 630mm Wide

  • Assembly Instructions

    Full Instructions are provided as the boxes are provided flat pack to ensure that they are not damaged in transit. They can be put together in 15-30 minutes by anyone who is confident with an electric drill/screwdriver to place in the screws.  All of the holes are pre drilled so its just a case of lining up the edges and screwing them in.

    An extra person and thier hands is useful to hold things steady

  • Import Duty

    All boxes which are shipped outside of the UK may be subject to import taxes at your local rate and will need to be settled by the buyer.